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ACTION is E-Business Excellence

UPDATE OCT 1, 2012: ACTION Corporation now "Operates As" REACTION Internet Communications at reactioninternet.com. Same company. Same people. Same address. Same phone number. Same business philosophy. We simply wanted a business name that better reflects what we do.

The ACTION Corporation is a leading business-to-business provider of strategic online planning, website design/development, premier website hosting, online promotions, profitable e-commerce services, web metrics and web-based business management. Founded in 2001 and located in the Niagara Peninsula, ACTION Corporation is your one-stop resource for expert internet services.

7 Action Steps To E-Business Success

We have distilled our solutions into 7 proven action steps upon which e-business success is fundamental:

1. Planning
2. Production
3. Hosting
4. Promotion
5. Processing
6. Metrics
7. Management

Success Begins With ACTION

A visionary company, ACTION delivers consistent, fast results in developing functional, profit-driven websites, analyzing on-line marketing campaigns, and improving the relationships between businesses and their customers.

We believe that great e-businesses are built on simple, action-oriented ideas that generate solutions. We are passionate about providing you with the tools to help your business reach its potential for e-business excellence.

Our Value Proposition

We will:

  • Provide fair and transparent costs for all services
  • Develop and/or implement e-commerce solutions that can drive revenue from your website, if your goal is to provide online sales
  • Be available to answer your questions/concerns by email and phone
  • Be available for in-person meetings
  • Regularly advise and suggest implementation of new technologies that we think will serve your objectives
  • Regularly improve our systems at no direct cost to you so that the services we provide remain cutting edge
  • Constantly educate ourselves on new technologies and online trends so that we remain experts
  • Develop products in anticipation of changes online
  • Respond immediately to any potential problems with any of our services
  • Respond quickly on all requests for proposals

We will not:

  • We will not charge you for a customized solution that is unnecessary when known, suitable, free services are available online
  • We will not attempt to confuse you with technical explanations when problems develop
  • We will not allow your inquiries to go unanswered
  • We will not keep you waiting longer than 2 business days on your regular update requests and we will advise you clearly upfront of any longer time requirements for updates of a more complex nature
  • We will not charge you more than we originally quoted
  • We will not bill you "ballparked" fees when more precise time-billing would best serve your requirements

And most importantly, we WILL:

  • Act professionally and courteously, because you deserve no less from a website company
Success Begins with Action

"ACTION is the foundational key to success"

- Pablo Picasso

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